What is PDX Social Safety Net?

Welcome to PDX Social Safety Net.

This blog provides information and insight regarding the things affecting residents in the diverse microcosm of Portland, OR (PDX). Social refers to what is commonly called or considered social services – the organizations and agencies which have been established to help provide a safety net for families who are experiencing difficult times and need assistance, for whatever reason.

Different agencies and organizations will be written about from my personal perspective as someone who has either worked with or for them or who has personally accessed their services. I am also inviting others who have direct experience with agencies to write about them. It is my hope that articles featuring specific agencies or their services will do more than just provide an overview, but will offer insight and perspective which will provide supportive information for those needing to access the services.

Since I am writing from my personal experience, I will be offering what I have found that works or does not work for me. I will share my personal experiences from interacting with different organizations and navigating different systems. Hopefully, my experiences will be relevant and helpful to others. Additional information about me and my background can be found on the About page.

A few of the topics which will be included are:

  • Identifying, applying for, and accessing services
  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Employment

This is a work in progress and I welcome questions and feedback. If there is an agency or topic that is of interest and you would like more information on, please leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I am able to gather the relevant information. I will add information onto the Resource Links page as I go along. Agency and resource information which is not yet available here, may be located on the 211info.org website or by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone.


About Lillian

Figuring life out one day at a time. Concurrently writing on Human In Recovery on Wordpress as Kina Diaz DeLeon, as my psuedonym to protect the guilty and innocent alike. I'm finally integrating and accepting the different aspects of myself and my life into one mosaic instead of keeping the parts segregated.

6 thoughts on “What is PDX Social Safety Net?

  1. This is quite a good initiative. Often, we think we know what an organization or an agency does but then there is actually more to it. Yes, this will be of value to the residents of Portland but I daresay others can also pick-up a thing or two from it, i.e. how to do things more efficiently for their locale, etc.

    • VHB,
      You are so right that there is often more to what an agency or organization does. I do hope that what I write here helps Portland residents, but also inspires people to do similar things in their communities.

      Be well,

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